"Do one thing every day that scares you." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Today I did something that scared me to my core.  I really thought it would break me. In the past, fear stopped me from taking action. However, given the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, I felt I couldn’t sit by any longer. The force to help was too great.  I reached deep in my heart for COURAGE, had my cry and drove down to Town Lake Animal Center to help Austin Pets Alive!

As soon as I drove in and saw the need for help, the worker in me kicked in to get the job done.  I saw a few dogs but I was so busy that my emotions stayed at bay.  I loaded and drove to the storage facility and unloaded, then did it some more.  I offered to take some kennels to the temporary pet location. When I walked in and stood by the front door, I saw all the dogs and cats. The people taking care of them were amazing. I was in awe. It was very surreal.  As I was standing there, a man came walking up with a sweet dog. You could tell this dog had been through a lot.  He walked straight up to me, I squatted down to say "hi" and he buried his head into me.  I loved on him for a bit.  Then, he went out for his walk.

You know what?  I didn't break.  It didn’t break me.  I didn’t become a blubbering idiot like I thought I would walking into the shelter. After that, I played and petted some cats and a couple other dogs as I walked in and out carrying and setting up kennels. I am looking forward to going back and actually walking/feeding and caring for the animals. They need me. The need us. They need our COURAGE and LOVE to know that everything will be alright.

The COURAGE it took for me to do something that I thought would break my heart, is what we, as writers need, to tell our stories that are within us. COURAGE to take that step to be heard regardless of the naysayers. COURAGE to write from the heart.COURAGE in knowing that we will be rejected but it will only make us stronger.  Fear is a four letter word that will bind us if we allow it. COURAGE is the sword that will cut us free.