HAPPY 2018!

Let's do a bit of horsing around in the New Year!


I am kicking off the New 2018 Year with a new weekly series called - Breakfast with Billie.  I have found when I am out riding and working with my horse, Billie, so many profound things come to me in regards to my writing and life in general. 

So saddle up and enjoy the ride.

As a child and now an adult, horses are a symbol of strength, beauty and grace for me.  They move with effortless power of certainty as their flowing mane and tail follow in the wake of air.  But there is much much more to them than the muscular lines of their physique.  If you look deep into the globe of a horse's eye, you will see a universe. A universe of tranquility. A universe of instinctual knowing. A universe of resilience and gentleness.  It's hypnotic. Given this, they have an unsaid therapy about them.

When I was a child, I would run to our horses when I was in trouble, when I was heart broken, or when I didn't understand the unfairness of the world and cried many tears in the necks of Suzy, Dusty and Duchess. Now, as an adult, I have cried with my Beautiful Billie.  They are adult tears but still of a broken heart, the unfairness of the world and some times just needing a good cry.  I have tamed down, a bit, and not getting into too much trouble these days. 

The horses instinctively knew when I was upset and would stand statuesque while I wrapped my arms around their necks, entwined my fingers into their mane and bury my face in their neck. Their only movement would be to sniff, give a little nose nudge of assurance that they were there. But on the other hand, they could have been nudging me and thinking 'Ok girl, you had your cry. It's time to pull your boot straps up, get back in the saddle and ride!' In either case, the world and all the problems melt away. Their non-judging, welcoming silence is all it takes to calm me. I felt, and still feel, grounded. I go away lighter and with new perspective. My heart feeling full, lifted and at peace.

In taking the horse strength, beauty and grace into my writing for 2018, I will have the strength to stand up to the Naaay-sayers, accept the rejection letters and move on with certainty. The strength to break through the writer's blocks and resistance. I will surround myself with the beauty, love and light of my fellow writing friends as well as nature to inspire the words that need to be put to paper. Most of all, I will show myself and others - grace.

Strength, Beauty and Grace to All in 2018!

Billie and Carolyn