We finally thawed out and I was able to see my Billie Girl. I knew I had limited time and was forward thinking about how to spend the time with her.  As I was pondering this and other things that were going on this weekend, I felt my muscles tighten up. I could tell I was starting to get into the part of my brain for flight but stopped myself. I took a deep breath and asked myself, "What is my intention with her today?" The answer came to me to just connect and enjoy her. Bond. No workout necessary.  So I sat my intention and drove to SunCrest Farm.



When I arrived, the parking lot was full.  Trail rides and lessons were going on. I thought how is this going to work with me staying focused. But again, I reminded myself of MY intention for the day. When I got to Billie, I found myself taking several deep breaths with her and in my head said my intention for us for the few hours. Not only did I find myself relaxing but I sensed Billie relaxing too.  Our walk to the tack shed was uneventful and smooth.  We were connected. As I started to clean her up, I caught myself going fast and thinking about other things, which disconnected me from her and what I was doing.  I stopped, took some deep breaths and reengaged with her.  I watched her reactions as I brushed her.  If she reacted sorely to a spot, I made note of it.  If I hit the right spot, I made sure to stay there a bit longer. All my focus was on her. Once I started to breathe and pay attention to her and her needs, the world around us melted away.  At one point, I snapped out of whatever trance I was in and thought "what time is it?" It felt like a long time that we were connected and doing our thing but, in reality, it wasn't. It truly felt like I had just come out of a meditative state.

Horse power is very powerful.

We did have our interruptions of people walking by and other boarders making conversation, but when I went back to Billie, I took several deep breaths and reconnected. Billie and I did get to the arena and actually had a small workout. The workout was relaxed and connected. We enjoyed our time together today.

I am no expert on setting intentions. I have read and heard it is a good practice to do to get through the day.  It is actually a practice that I find very hard to stay committed to (next week's post). However, today was an experiment for me.  I intentionally sat the intention and worked to stay committed to it. What I discovered is: 1) it's takes committed work, 2) there will be distractions, 3) to reengaged - stop and take some deep breaths to center yourself, 4) by setting the intention, I did more than I thought I could in the "limited" time, and 5) I stayed relaxed and in the correct frame of my brain.

Setting daily intentions and then intentions within the daily intentions to the rest of my life will be work in itself. However, I did prove to myself today that it does work. I also believe that like a diet or workout regimen, if you start, commit and get over that hump of the first few weeks, it will become a habit (research has shown that it takes 66 days to create a habit and 21 days to break a bad one). So, depending on my perspective, it'll take either 66 or 21 days to have a habit of intentionally reaching my goals. By saying I'm setting an intention for something, I feel more of a cerebral commitment rather than saying "my goal for today is...". For me, a goal feels external and I need to reach for that goal. The intentions for that specific goal are the steps to completion. 

In regards to setting intentions for my writing, I belong to a Write. Submit. Support. group and we have a goal setting worksheet that we use. We check in with each other periodically to see how we are doing with our goals.  Goal setting definitely helps break down the job of working towards publication day. However, it will be the daily intention of Stop, Breathe, Engage for a specific goal that will keep me in the correct brain frame of creativity and not leap over to the flight, resist, writer's block part of the brain. Also, I need to ask myself what the intentions are for my character(s) that I am working on that day, just like I did for Billie. Of course, there will be interruptions. Of course, I will get tired and need a break. But, I will remember my Billie Trance from today and stop, take some deep breaths, and reengage with my words. I'll be in my writer's trance. 

And to end, I now have Robert Plant's Angel Dance song in my head but it's "Little Billie's Trance".

Strength, Beauty and Grace~

Billie and Carolyn