It's the Dog Days of Summer 2018. The temperatures are breaking records; camps are winding down;  countdown has begun for the first day of school. You might be wondering what to do with the kiddos.

I'd like to share with you what I created for my son. - F.A.B. Summer. It all started with my concern at the beginning of summer vacation to keep my son entertained, fit, and his mind sharp, all the while working from home.  He did have camps to attend but I also wanted him to have breaks at home.

Here is how our Fun, Active, Brainy Summer works:

Fun - I allow my son to choose a fun activity that we do together for 20 minutes. This includes puzzles, games, playing together or going to the park or Amazon Store and Target. Let your kiddo(s) choose and be present with them.  No electronics or phone.

Active - I make sure that he does something that gets his heart pumping and antsy energy released. This includes walks, yoga, cycling or riding our horse with me. TaeKwonDo or playdates.

Brainy - I schedule daily 20 minutes of something that keeps his academia fresh and ready him for First Grade. It alters with Math, Reading, Writing, Art or Science. There are several website with free worksheets. Otherwise, Target has some great workbooks in the $1 or $3 bins. Again, all electronics turned off.   

This has been our F.A.B. Summer. I hope this will help you revive some summer fun and bonding time with your children.